Indicators that your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

When the winter comes, tons of people are hiring Furnace Repair Calgary Professionals because they are having problems with the Furnace’s Heating system not working. If you know the indications that your furnace needs repair, you can proactively prevent them from happening. 

Here are the most common problems that can occur in your furnace: 

  1. Mechanical Problems in General 

If you hear cracking sounds or engine sounds from your furnace, this is an indication that there is a mechanical problem. It can be due to reduction of airflow or burner clogs. This happens if you do not maintain your furnace properly and get it inspected and checked for possible damages.  

      2. Cycling more frequently 

A clogged filter usually cycles the system, turning it off and on again. This can be an indicator that your settings in your thermostat aren’t properly set or that there is an improper airflow going through the system of your furnace.  

      3. Ball Bearings are already worn out 

The indicator for this is a scraping sound. If you hear this immediately turn it off and call a professional for assistance to get your furnace repaired.  

     4. Thermostat is malfunctioning 

If you see that the thermostat is going crazy and can’t predict the actual temperature of the atmosphere then it’s most likely malfunctioning. This can lead to many problems with the furnace’s fan or your level of comfort.  

     5. Yellow pilot light is on or flickering 

This is an indication that carbon monoxide is too much or being excessive for the gas furnace. If this happens the furnace obviously cannot perform efficiently due to problems with this or gas and power. 

     6. Frayed blower belt 

Hearing a high-pitched squeaking sound or squeal is an indication that your blower belt may have slipped or is frayed.     

     7. Pilot Control Problems / Ignition Problems 

If this happens it may seem a bit colder because having problems with the pilot control or ignition indicated that there is less heat produced by the furnace.  

    8. Broken Heat Exchanger 

If you cracked or broke your heat exchanger this would be a very costly expense. Through regular maintenance, breaking the heat exchanger could be prevented. 

    9. Dirty Filters 

Having a dirty filter makes the system of your furnace do twice the work and use twice the energy. This can cause wear and tear on your furnace’s system to an extended damage and can lead to higher electricity costs. 

    10.Limit Switch 

The furnace continually blowing is not a good sign either. A professional may be needed for a furnace repair or replacement. 


Professionals are the best way to go when you’re seeing these indicators with your furnace. A lot of Machine Repair Services are readily available nowadays. You can easily locate one near you via the internet. If you happen to be living in Calgary, there are services who offer furnace repair, replacement, maintenance and many more. You can visit them and call on a professional to assist you on your furnace problems.  

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